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Take your business to the next level with our Social Media Automation.

In this digital era, you need to work smartly to get ahead. Social Media Marketing is especially very important for the growth of your business.

GetXPost helps you take your Social Media Marketing to the next level by enabling you to strategise and automate many aspects of social media with the unique features of GetXPost.

And the best thing about GetXPost is that any business can afford it with our unbelievably affordable pricing!

Sit back, relax and let GetXPost work for you.

GetXPost Features

Unique and Amazing features of GetXPost makes it one of the best Social Media Marketing Tool for small and medium businesses. 


Schedule to Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups.


Schedule Posts & Activities on Instagram.


Post to Twitter Profiles.


Schedule posts to Pinterest accounts and boards.

Post to LinkedIn Profiles, Groups

Post to Reddit Boards

Post YouTube Videos

+ Schedule posts to Tumblr, Telegram, vk & Google My Business.

Post to all Social Networks from one dashboard

Advanced Analytics & Statistics

Powerful File Manager, Image Editor, Auto Watermark Images

Stream Pre-Recorded Video as Live on Facebook Instagram, & YouTube

Social Media Growth Marketing

Grow Your Social Media Presence on Autopilot

Automate your whole Social Media Marketing with GetXPost Social Media Automation Tool.

If you’re still wasting your time doing manual labour for social media marketing, you’re not fully utilizing the full benefits of social media marketing. 

See incredible growth of your business with the use of GetXPost.

Facebook Automation

Our automation features make it very easy to synchronize and schedule posts on Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups using Facebook auto poster. You can automate tasks on Facebook such as:

  • Schedule & Post to multiple Facebook accounts
  • Post to Managed Facebook Pages
  • Post to Managed Facebook Groups
  • Post Pre-recorded Video as Live on Profiles, Groups or Pages. 
Facebook Auto Poster
Instagram Automation

Instagram Automation

Save some quality time all the while getting the most out Instagram using Instagram auto poster and other features. Our Instagram automated tasks include:

Instagram Posting & Schedule

Schedule Instagram posts/stories/albums for your preferred times for any time of any day.

You can also add first comments to your posts automatically.

Instagram Auto Follow/Unfollow

Auto-follow feature searches for Instagram users in your niche and automatically follows them. Guarantees only the most targeted audience to follow back. While the Size management and unfollow feature keeps your list in check by un-following people that aren’t following you back after a given period.

Instagram Auto Liker

Auto like other users’ posts by targeting hashtags, locations, and competition and get your business noticed. 

Instagram Auto Comments/Direct Message/Auto Repost

Auto comment on others’ Instagram posts and get your profile noticed. 

Send direct messages to new followers automatically.

Auto repost feature to search for high-quality posts in your niche and get them re-posted to your accounts. Vital in expanding your circle of influence.

Twitter Automation

Post to Twitter Profiles and keep your brand visible in the platform using our twitter automated features such as twitter posting at organic times. We provide automated tasks on Twitter such as;

  • Creating and pre-scheduling tweets
  • Easy setup of campaigns and more across multiple accounts.
  • Track clicks and vital data so you know who is engaging with your content.
  • Organize automated tweets through targeted audiences based on gender, age and location to increase relevance.
Post to all Social Networks from one place​

Post to all Social Networks from one place

Synchronize various Social media apps using GetXPost intelligent automation tools. GetXPost helps you plan, publish and monitor the content posted on social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, VK, Telegram and LinkedIn, from one single app.

Curate, organize and post content all across your various social media pages with just a single click!

Enjoy the perks of being active on all social media platforms and attracting the potential audience on Autopilot.

Post pre-recorded video as Live on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest

Live videos get much more exposure on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest than normal content. They are now a essential part of marketing.

With GetXPost, you can share your pre-recorded videos as Live videos on these social networking sites. How cool is that?

Live Video Posting - GetXPost

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