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GetXPost - Facebook Auto Poster
Take Your Business To New Heights

Give your business a boost by letting GetXPost post to Facebook groups, pages, and profiles automatically and strategically for you, 24/7. Even auto post to your Joined Facebook Groups!

Facebook Group Auto Poster - GetXPost

Facebook Group Auto Poster That Works!

Don't let your business left behind in this fast-paced world. It's time to work smart.

GetXPost can help you post to all your Facebook Groups automatically, even Joined groups!

You can reach thousands of targeted audience every day through Facebook groups, without posting one by one to groups like a laborer.

You can also auto join groups based on keywords with GetXPost!

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Everything you need for Facebook Marketing

GetXPost Features

Post to Groups, Pages & Profiles

All joined groups, managed pages, liked pages and more!

Post & Schedule

Post your posts now or schedule for any time later.

Inbuilt File Manager

Helps you to store and post your images conveniently.

Auto Comment & Like Your Posts

Automatically post comments & like your posts to bump them.

Set on Auto Repeat

Automatically repeat your posts to any X days or hours! Everything on Autopilot!

Completely Safe!

Use GetXPost’s features such as time delay, unique post/link, spintax to prevent getting blocked.

Post to multiple Facebook Groups

Post to Multiple Facebook Groups & Pages

With GetXPost, you can post to multiple Facebook groups and pages whenever you want. You can simply compile a post and schedule it to post anytime you want.

You can set GetXPost to automatically join and post to different groups for you.

You can also schedule posts to your managed pages and your liked pages as well.

The Most Amazing Facebook Scheduler!

Schedule your posts in advance (even up to years if you want) with GetXPost and sit back and relax while GetXPost works on autopilot for you and post your message, image or videos at your selected times.

If you use 2-3 Facebook accounts and schedule your posts strategically to Facebook groups and pages, imagine the exposure your business will get.

The easy to use schedule options make it easy for anyone to schedule posts in a matter of seconds.

Schedule to Facebook
Facebook Posting

Your Facebook Marketing, Completely Automated!

You could be someone with an online business or you own an offline business or you provide services in your area, whatever you do, GetXPost can give your business a jumpstart.

Everything you need to automate your online marketing and get the much needed exposure your business needs.

Think about the customers you can reach by correctly utilizing everything that GetXPost has to offer!

What They're Saying

The best Facebook marketing tool I stumbled upon. I run a window cleaning company and GetXPost has helped me get a lot of business without working tirelessly posting to Facebook groups!

Melanie CoulsonOwner, ShineTime

GetXPost is the perfect solution for me and it's very easy to use, even for someone like me who doesn't know much about computers.

Leo LambertConsultant Dietitian

The app makes it very easy for me to gain access to a large number of users on Facebook, without doing anything at all. It's simply amazing.

Lenny McGuinnessBlogger

GetXPost makes my job easier. The small amount of money I paid has paid for itself over and over again. It's one of the tools I can't live without.

William ArcherAutomotive Consultant

I won't go into the details but GetXPost is worth your money 10 times over!

Erik RuddellBusinessman
Your frequently asked questions, answered!

Frequently asked questions

What happens to the posting process when the user is offline?

GetXPost is created with the purpose of providing you with a one-stop solution to automating your Facebook marketing without wasting any time doing it manually.

Thus, the app will keep posting to your selected groups/pages/profiles at your selected time automatically, even when you are offline.

So you can divert your time and energy in doing something meaningful while getting automatic exposure on Facebook with GetXPost.

How many posts can be scheduled at once?

You can schedule unlimited posts at once. That is the beauty of GetXPost. It lets you schedule as many posts as you want.

You can schedule the whole week or month’s posts at once and have it post to Facebook automatically without doing anything.

Can I post to Groups/Pages/Profiles of multiple Facebook accounts?

Yes! You can use GetXPost with multiple accounts but only on Plus, Premium and Enterprise plans.

We actually recommend posting to groups from different Facebook accounts to increase your reach and see good results on your marketing.

Can I create groups of groups for easy posting?

Yes, you can categories groups in different categories to post to different kind of groups easily.

Will I be banned from Facebook for using GetXPost?

Your account won’t be banned for using GetXPost. Moreover, you also won’t get blocked from posting because of GetXPost features like time delay, auto pause, spintax, unique post, and unique URL.

Still Confused?

If your question is still not answered or you have any doubts about GetXPost, please feel free to contact us anytime through the link provided below.

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