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GetXPost is a Facebook marketing suite that can help you grow your business on autopilot by helping you automate Facebook group and page postings with many other unique features that are not provided anywhere else on the web!

Facebook Auto Poster

Facebook Group Poster & Page Poster

Are you looking to automate your postings to your joined Facebook groups? Then look no further, because GetXPost is the only solution that can achieve that for you!

What more? Schedule and manage your posts to managed pages and your liked pages as well!

Facebook Group Poster

Take your business, product or website to thousands of users on groups everyday by posting consistently and automatically to your Joined Facebook Groups.

Facebook Marketing Tool - Business Growth

GetXPost Features

The most powerful Facebook auto poster, that actually works. 

Unique features not found anywhere else on the web. A real FB Group Poster.

Best support system for techies and non-techies for any issues.

GetXPost - Facebook Poster Screenshot

Easy to use Dashboard

GetXPost Facebook Poster dashboard is easy to use for anyone. Even if you have not much experience with computers, you can use GetXPost without any issues. 

Live Posting or Scheduling

You can auto post to Facebook groups live on the browser or schedule yout posts to be posted automatically. 

Works on all devices

GetXPost is a cloud based app that can be used on any device with any browser and needs no installing or long setup !

Time Delay & Auto Pause

Add time delay between each of your posts and auto pause your posts at certain times + much more.

Many more features

There are so many features added to GetXPost Facebook Poster that helps make it work seamlessly.

Facebook Group Posting Made Easy

Everyone knows that Facebook group posting is very important for businesses, especially small businesses to get their product/service to targeted audience.

For example, If you sell beauty products, you can join beauty related groups in your area and post to them to get it across huge number of people and grow your business. 

And GetXPost Facebook Group Poster helps you do all this automatically and on autopilot. Think about the people you can reach!

Facebook Group Posting made easy
Auto Join Facebook Groups

Auto Join Facebook Groups

Let GetXPost help you join groups based on keywords you choose automatically. 

Just add your keyword to the auto join page and it’ll start joining groups for you based on your selections. 

So you can auto join Facebook groups and post to all your joined Facebook groups on autopilot without wasting hours doing it manually. 

No Account Bans with Our Unique Features

Have you ever tried to join and post to Facebook groups manually? If so, you would know that Facebook will block your account from posting further into groups for a few days if you post too much too fast. 

With GetXPost, you don’t have to worry about that.

With the unique features of GetXPost, it intelligently posts to Facebook with time delays, automatically pauses campaigns at certain time, makes all your posts/links unique by adding ramdon codes and allows you to configure Spintax. 

All this assures you ban-free system.

Avoid Facebook bans with GetXPost
Post to multiple Facebook accounts

Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts from One Place

You can connect your multiple Facebook accounts to GetXPost and post to groups and pages of those accounts, all from one place.

By using multiple Facebook accounts, you can post to even more groups and increase your reach exponentially.

Note: How many Facebook accounts you can use on GetXPost depends on the plan you select. 

Post to Multiple Facebook Groups

Posting to Multiple Facebook Groups using GetXPost is very easy, even if you’re not a tech wizard. 

Simple steps to post to multiple Facebook groups with GetXPost:

Post to multiple Facebook groups

Words from Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook groups are now at the centre of Facebook. Posts from Facebook groups are even getting more weight on newsfeed than the posts from Pages. So posting to Facebook groups is essential if you want to grow your business.

With our Facebook Auto Poster, you can schedule your posts to your joined groups, managed groups, and Facebook pages with just a one click. You don’t have to waste hours everyday like a labourer doing the same thing of posting to each groups and pages one by one. Instead, you can set the Facebook Poster to do everything for you, on AutoPilot.

We have stopped providing free trials for the app to prevent abuse and protect the system for our serious customers. So only the real businesses who wants to use the app for business can sign up by paying and people looking to use it just for fun can stay away.

Yes, you can. You can post to all your joined groups and you don’t have to be admin to post. 

No, you don’t have to do anything like that. Just connect your Facebook account to GetXPost and start posting !

There are many safety features added in the app like time delay, auto pause, spintax, unique post, unique link that makes sure your account doesn’t get blocked. GetXPost is safer than posting manually as it posts intelligently.

No, you just schedule your posts to Facebook groups or pages and the Facebook auto poster will do its job on the cloud. You can close your computer and it’ll still keep posting and doing other scheduled activities.

Yes, you can categorize your groups into different groups and load them easily for easy management and posting specific to your needs with the Facebook group poster.

Start today.

Digital marketing is getting important day by day, there has never been a better time to start Facebook marketing. 

Facebook Auto Poster