How to Stay out of Facebook Jail (Avoid Getting Banned or Blocked)

Facebook Jail

What is Facebook Jail?

There are situations when an account on Facebook is prevented from executing some features including posting content to groups for a while; this is referred to as ‘FACEBOOK JAIL’, and this occurs in two ways: the ‘reversible’ suspension and the ‘irreversible’ suspension.

The Reversible Suspension:

This suspension completely prevents access to or certain features on an account, but for a short period of time (maximum of 21 days). Access and all features can be restored upon removal of this suspension.

An instance of this scenario is when a user posts provoking and irrelevant content in groups. Such member might be suspended, thus, will be unable to post any content within the 21-days period.

The Irreversible Suspension:

This suspension completely and perpetually prevents access to an account or certain features on an account.

The suspension cannot be removed and is mostly applied to unethical users e.g. hackers and spammers.

How Long is Facebook Jail Duration?

Often times, the suspension lasts for 3 – 7 days and a maximum of Twenty-one (21) days.

Within this period, the user is suspended from posting any content or accessing the account.

After the ban period is over, if this is the case, the suspension is lifted and all features are restored as normal.

Avoiding Facebook Jail: Post Successfully Without Being Suspended

These are the best ways to successfully make posts to groups without being suspended.

Mobile Number And Email Verification Of Facebook Account

The inclusion of your mobile number and email address to your Facebook profile and its verification is the only way Facebook can identify you as a human user.

Non-inclusion of a mobile number and email address may make Facebook flag your account as ‘spammer‘ when making posts to groups.

This makes it very important to verify mobile and email details on your Facebook profile.

Maintain An Up-To-Date Profile On Facebook

A complete profile entails you are legit and your posts will not raise suspicion.

On the other hand, making posts to groups while having an incomplete profile will be perceived as ‘spamming‘ on the basis that the account was created solely to post to groups.

This makes it expedient to have a complete profile.

Spread-Out Posting Using Schedules

The fastest way to get into Facebook Jail is by posting the same content on multiple groups at the same time.

Recurrent posting of the same content on multiple pages raises a ‘red flag‘ on your account.

It is best to space the time-frame between each post. A recommendation in this regard is the use of post schedules which help you post according to specific, pre-determined times.

Bearing this in mind, GetXPost offers you an opportunity to avoid Facebook Jail by scheduling your posts and adding time delays between each posts.

Through GetXPost Facebook Auto Poster, you can make posts to various groups directly and also schedule your posts to specific times. When it is the scheduled time, GetXPost automatically posts on the group for you!

This Post Interval element of GetXPost plays a vital role in helping avoid Facebook Jail by encouraging the spread-out of posts using specific timing.

GetXPost Posting Options

Another useful element of the GetXPost is the ‘Auto-Pause‘ element. This limits further posting after a certain number of posts have been dispatched and for a particular period of time.

It temporarily enables a restriction on further posts within a timeframe and resumes posting after the specified halt-period.

Basically, including 5 posts in ‘Auto pause after’ means that posting to groups will halt after 5 posts have been made; including 5 hours in ‘Auto resume after’ means that there will be five more posting after a 5 hours no-posting period.

This is a brilliant way to prevent Facebook Jail!

Be Careful: Avoid Sharing Sensitive Content Or Spams

Facebook flags spam and sensitive content. For example, abusive content, hate speech, sexually explicit content, threats, posts that could instigate violence, self-harm posts, etc.

Facebook pays close attention to such content and acts swiftly in case of any red flag.

Good advice for you: Enjoy your posting freedom, stay away from Facebook Jail by staying away from such content.

It is important to know what is being shared and understand the perceptions of others towards the post. If there is a chance that it will fall into the categories listed above, best avoid posting such content.

If other users flag your content as inappropriate, Facebook will definitely come for you and the “jail” will be calling.

Instead, focus on creating unique content which has not been shared before. This will increase your credibility and keep you away from the ‘red-flags’.

Create Original Content By Using Getxpost

Facebook has policies against spamming which involves banning of culprit accounts. GetXPost is created to navigate past and avoid being busted. Some features include:

Unique Link Feature:

This camouflages the links to your post each time and gives the same line a new identity at each post. This feature makes a link appear as if it is different from the previously posted link, but in reality, it is the same link reposted.

Unique link adds a random code to your links end on each posting. For example, If you are posting link to all Facebook groups, after enabling this feature, your link will be shared like this:

It’ll just add a random number to each group posts, so your link appear a but unique!

Important Information: Unique link feature should not be used with URL shortening services

Unique Post Feature:

As in the unique link feature, this camouflages your posts each time and gives the same post a new identity at each posting. This feature makes a post appear as if it is different from the previous post, but in reality, it is the same post reposted.

Unique Post adds a random word with random characters at the end of each message you post.


Spintax is really helpful when using GetXPost to post to multiple Facebook groups.

With Spintax, you can set your messages to automatically spin and post a different message to different groups, automatically.

Execute Your Posts To Different Groups From Different Accounts

Ensure you make your posts to different groups from different accounts as using the same account will most likely flag that account as defaulting – Following will be a block.

Generally, there are no limitations to how many groups one can make posts in.

But as a matter of ethical use, Facebook flags accounts that misuse this privilege by posting to ‘many groups multiple times’ with the same account on different groups.

Having said this, our recommended posting rate for each account on individual groups in a day should be less than 50, and in extreme circumstances, 100 at the maximum.

In situations where you are not getting the desired metrics by less than 100 group posts, GetXPost has you covered.

GetXPost enables posting to groups using different Facebook accounts with one GetXPost account, that is, on the same dashboard.

In this regard, using this feature, one can post to about a thousand groups in a day while stating out of jail. Smart right?!

Important Information: Posting to 500 groups within a day is another straight route to the Facebook Jail. Leveraging on the professional packages available at GetXPost, you can manage up to 7 accounts at a go. The packages are thus: Basic (1 account), Plus (3 accounts), and Premium (7 accounts).

Automatic Comments? Let’s Work It!

An exciting feature of GetXPost is the ‘Automatic Comments’ for Facebook. This high-ranks your posts on the groups you make your posts in.

While making posts is the normal thing to do, comments are better advised on already existing posts. This way, and with approval by an administrator of the group, you can make more posts within the thread without actually making new posts.

Don’t Run Multiple Processes at Once

Additional features of GetXPost includes making posts, joining groups, making comments, and inviting friends and it is strongly advised that these should be executed at intervals.

For instance, running the automatic comments feature and the scheduled posting at the same time is not the best solution.

Pausing one for the other is best advised as activating these features at the same time can trigger a flag. You really want to avoid Facebook jail.

Review And Revise Your Posts

Making strategic posts is essential. This can be done by using URL shorteners and adopting new designs or thumbnails for the posts after several postings.

This ensures that Facebook spam detector will not flag your posts while engaging your audience even better.

With the ‘live preview’ feature of GetXPost, you are sure that you can have a glance at the outlook of your posts before delivering it to the general public, therefore informing you of what to and what not to change to give your post a fresh outlook.

Be Very Observant: Pay Attention

There are times when you are prevented from making posts in certain groups by the group’s admin.

In this situation, that’s a ‘red flag’. Do not ignore the signs! Stop making posts in such groups, otherwise, you may be reported as a spammer. When this is done, you may get blocked or banned. Pay attention!

While some may be ‘strategic’ by posting on other pages with the same offerings as you, you are putting yourself in danger as your competitor may report you as a spammer. It becomes your loss.

Facebook Jail can be troubling. You do not want to lose precious time from suspension or account blocking. Take good note of all of the above and you will enjoy the freedom life has to offer; well, on the internet!
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