How to Post to Multiple Facebook Groups (Automatically & On Autopilot)

How to Post to Multiple Facebook Groups

Want to learn how to automatically post to many groups on Facebook, at the same time? This is your manual to achieve this feat. We have simplified this piece such that any lay-man can harness the full potential of the GetXPost Facebook Auto Poster to automatically post to many Facebook groups at the same time.

Before you get started, Make sure you have done these:

  1. Subscribed to a GetXPost Package
  2. Connect your Facebook account to the GetXPost app.
  3. Prepared your Facebook account for postings

Understanding these guides will help you open a GetXPost account, connect your Facebook account and adjust other settings which influence your use of the app, for example, post settings and time settings.

MEET GetXPost!

Posting on multiple groups on Facebook has been a pain? GetXPost is your pain relief! Group posting has never been easier on Facebook with GetXPost.

This app has saved a countless number of hours spent on Facebook marketing for a large number of marketers, small businesses and bloggers.

It is no news that Facebook has a large number of subscribers and monthly users and you can reach a substantial number of customer for whatever field you are in.

Therefore, leveraging on this database by group-posting can ensure that you directly reach your desired audience without breaking the bank.

As of January 2018, Facebook has now started giving more attention to Facebook Groups than Pages.

An additional feature of GetXPost ensures that you can automatically identify and join groups in line with your business, while also making multiple posts to these groups, thus, reaching a very vast majority of your audience.

When you need to save time on your Facebook marketing, the GetXPost app is your best bet. And not only that, you have access to other features that help you reach your target audience without being blocked from posting.

GetXPost has been core in assisting businesses to attain and supersede targets. This is our joy!

Learn the use of GetXPost for multiple posts to groups on Facebook.

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Posting On Facebook Groups

To commence posts to Facebook, do the following:

Open GetXPost and add the content you want to post. Click on the tabs to perform the task you want to – Posting a link for a video, a picture, text or link.

GetXPost Dashboard

Select the Groups to Post To

Navigate down the page and choose the groups you want to make your posts in after your content has been added.

GetXPost Groups List

You can also categorize your groups in different categories for easy posting next time.

From this point, using the select all option, select all the groups or choose the groups you wish to make your posts in.

Before the group list area, you can see the number of groups or pages you have selected.

Selected groups - GetXPost

It is important to ensure the stats in this section is correct, based on your choices of pages and groups.

A categorization feature can be leveraged on to make the group sorting easier. It makes choosing groups a one-stop-shop for pages and groups included in the category. Subsequent visits do not require group sorting, thus saving time.

Make The Post Now Or Schedule It For Later

This is the essence of all preliminary actions (adding content and the groups to make the posts in), the posting on Facebook.

To execute this, you can either perform the operation on the spot (‘Post Now‘ option) or postpone it to a later time (‘Schedule‘ option).

Post Now Option:

Choosing to post immediately (Post Now) dispatches your content and it goes live on the group feed.

Important Notice: The GetXPost window must be left open and running when using the ‘Post Now’ Option.

Post now to Facebook Groups

The picture above clearly shows that your task before posting is to input the time delay between posts, after which you dispatch by clicking ‘Send Now’.

Post Interval

This is the period within which no post will be made but after this interval, another post is made.

Depending on your post interval rate, each post is made after the other, subject to the interval.

For instance, with an interval of 10 seconds, post B comes 10 seconds in group B, after post A in group A, and post C comes 10 seconds in group C after post B in group B.

An ideal post interval should be with 600 – 900 seconds.

Schedule Option

Choosing to schedule a post means you do not want to post immediately but at a subsequent, specified time.

Unlike the ‘Post Now’ option, the schedule option does not require that the GetXPost app stays running and left open. This option works automatically, whether the app is running or closed.

Using the schedule option is ideal as it proffers better safety, efficiency, and effectiveness attributes.

After adding content, click on ‘Scheduled Posts‘ to set up an automatic schedule for the posts to the different groups. See the image below:

Facebook Schedule Option

Executing a posting schedule is simple. This is what you need to do:

Post Interval

As explained earlier, this is the period within which no post will be made but after this interval, another post is made.

Depending on your post interval rate, each post is made after the other, subject to the interval.

An ideal schedule post interval is with the ranges of 5 – 15 minutes.

This may not necessarily be the case where posts are to Facebook pages or groups of multiple Facebook accounts as all posts will not be dispatched to the same account.

Lesser delay times can be used in this scenario.

Schedule Post Start

For this part to be effective, you must ensure that the ‘Current Server Time’ is in tandem with your timezone.

Then select your proposed date and time at which you want the scheduled to post to be dispatched.

Auto Pause After (Post)

This feature enables you to automatically pause further posts of scheduled posts for a determined time-frame or after a determined post-dispatch limit.

Repeat Frequency

Repeating a dispatch of the same post on the same groups for a pre-determined amount of days is made possible with this feature.

With this feature, you can repeat same post to the same groups on selected days (every Monday) or an interval of days (every 3 days).

The dispatch continues until the threshold limit is reached as predetermined by you in the ‘End on’ section.

If you have executed all the above mentioned, you are ready to go. The next step is to click the ‘Save the schedule‘ option and your work is completed!

Executed your posts? Need to track your schedules?

From the Publishing > Schedule Logs, you can track your posts. For your schedules posting, track it from Publishing > Scheduled posts.

Congratulations on scheduling posts on the multiple groups on Facebook! You are winning!

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