Ready To Start Using GetXPost? Do These First.

Do this before start using GetXPost

It is great to have you onboard GetXPost, your go-to and choice app for automatic posting to multiple groups on Facebook!

Right before we get into making those Facebook group posts, there are few tweaks to take care of from your settings to ensure you enjoy the full potential of the GetXPost app.

Is Your Timezone Settings Accurate?

Ensure that the server time is the same with your location’s time as a different timezone will disrupt the timing of your automatic posts schedules. Simply, your intended post time will be different from the actual posting time.
View this setting from the main dashboard by selecting the ‘Scheduled posts‘ option.
Server Time GetXPost

If your location time is different from the server time, go to ‘General Settings‘ within the ‘Settings Menu‘ to adjust the server time to your location time.

Change Timezone Setting GetXPost

Choose your timezone in line with your location from the timezone option. Adjusting the server timezone to your location timezone makes sure all posts are in accordance with the intended time frame.

Important Notice: After adjustments to the timezone, you must save your changes by clicking ‘Save Changes’.

Use GetXPost Publish Settings

Let us, once again, restate that GetXpost is your go-to automatic Facebook Group posting app as it offers a myriad of useful features to promote your business and make marketing easier.

GetXPost Publish Settings can be found on Settings > Publish Settings.

GetXPost Publish Settings

Attention is given to your Facebook account’s safety and the simplicity of use of this app.

We really don’t like Facebook Jail and want you to avoid it too. Leveraging on GetXpost’s exciting features, this is how to avoid the Facebook Jail:


The originality of your posts can be guaranteed by the unique post feature which modifies your post by giving it a unique ID, thus, differentiating it with the initial post, on each group.

This way, there is no fear of being flagged as spammy. Through this feature, GetXPost serves your Facebook Group-posting agenda without worries.


Like the unique post feature, the originality of your links can be guaranteed by the modification of your links, giving it a short unique ID, on each group.

This way, there is no fear of being flagged as spammy by the Facebook spam officers (spambots).

Important Notice: Using a unique link on short links like or other sites through the GetXPost changes the destination. Best practice is to avoid enabling unique link when posting short links.

Are you excited yet? There is more!


Facebook Open groups are more accepting of different posts and aren’t as strict as closed/private groups when it comes to accepting all kinds of posts.

Using this feature ensures you only get to successfully interact with open groups when making your posts

Should you need to modify these settings, navigate to Settings > Publish Setting, and enable/disable the features as may be necessary for your posting goals.

Important Notice: As usual, make sure you ‘Save Changes’ after all modifications.

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