FAQ | Facebook Group Auto Poster Software

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1What happens to the posting process when the user is offline?
Robo Fb is made with the purpose of providing you ease of managing a Facebook account or multiple groups. Thus, it lets you post content even when you are online. Simply schedule the post for some time and go offline to do any other tasks that you need to accomplish during the day. Robo Fb will post even when you are offline, saving you energy and cost.
2What if I live in a different Time Zone?
We have users from all over the world using our service so we do realize that the time difference between different countries with the software’s server may cause problems for posting. This is why there is an option for you to set your Time Zone to your local area.
3How many posts can be scheduled at once?
You can schedule unlimited posts at once. That is the beauty of Robo Fb. It lets you schedule as many posts as you want.
1How do I categorize my groups?
You can categorize your groups according to the type of content that they have. Sort the same type of groups under one category so that you do not have to worry later about posting the relevant content to a page.
2Is there any cost for Robo FB?
Robo FB comes free of cost, and this is what makes the automatic software so convenient for use. New businesses or pages can employ the software without expending a single penny.
3Is there any way for me to get banned for posting too often?
Robo FB is aimed at ensuring that your pages or groups do not get banned. There are extra options associated with the automatic software to prevent the disappointment of getting banned or spammed. However, if you post extensively without even giving an interval of half a minute, Facebook will ban you. We advise you to set the time intervals for posting from 30 to 60 minutes.